Why enter?

Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards is a brand that represents excellence and innovation and businesses who enter the awards or partner with Cairns Regional Council to deliver the program of events will immediately be associated with these values.

By entering the TNQiA awards, businesses will:

  • gain recognition for your business’ achievements and provide an opportunity for your people to be involved in showcasing your innovative practices;
  • differentiate your business and gain a competitive edge by using the TNQiA branding;
  • provide you with the opportunity for you to review your business practices and processes and reflect on successes and achievements;
  • provide the opportunity to network with other local business people; and
  • build team morale in your business.

By participating in the awards program, TNQiA entrants:

  • receive reduced rate entry to the awards luncheon;
  • get direct networking access to many other leading businesses in TNQ who are entrants or partners with the awards;
  • will receive media profiling in the lead up to or following the awards; and
  • will be eliglible to win a range of customised business prize packages.