2010 Winners

Enviro Fibre - Emerging Innovation

Les Nielsen, their plan to produce market ready bagasse pulp as a substitute for paper pulp. A by product of the environmentally sound process is a high quality potash fertilizer. The locally produced bagasse pulp product replaces a significant amount of the 350,000 tonnes of pulp imported into Australia annually.

Emerging Innovation category sponsored by WHK & Fisher Adams Kelly.


CoolMe Vest - Tropical Innovation

Amanda Spelta of Placid Pools for their tropical water purification system specifically designed for swimming pools ponds and tropical wetlands. The system essentially replicates nature in filtering water through controlling water flow through a natural stone medium, biofilms and aquatic plants.

Innovation of the Year category sponsored by James Cook University.


The Eco Splash System - Innovation of the Year

Dr Glen Deakin with a disposable personal cooling device designed to limit the effects of heat stress during physical activity in hot and humid environments. The vest promotes rapid recovery in heat stress situations and does not require cooling from an outside source.

Tropical Innovation category sponsored by TropLinks.


Transportable Aquapax Waterfarms Australia - People's Choice Award

Martin Anton won the online vote of the public for the world first cost effective transport system for micro-filtered premium quality natural spring water. The octagonal shaped thick cardboard box with an interior oxygen inner liner barrier bag protects 1000 litres of water from environmental conditions and prevents it from spoiling. The system is 98% recyclable.

People's Choice category sponsored by AusIndustry.


Pole Power - Eco Innovation Award

Grant Behrendorff & David Smyth Polepower Energy Innovations triumphed in this category with a world first application of a solar photovoltaic technology, in a curved solar module that is designed to be mounted on the north face conventional power poles. Powerpole is intended to be used on tens of thousands of power poles in electricity distribution system feeding clean green energy into networks at every pole.

Eco Innovation category sponsored by ARUP & Stanwell Corporation.